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Product Overiew

Jeevan is a concentrated bio stimulant formulated for use in foliar application. Based on Active Humic Technology, the Humic substances within Jeevan bears strong potentiality of oxidation, which quenches the activities of free radicals. This positively influences plants metabolism, photosynthesis, respiration and activity of ferments and promotes leaf growth. Potassium acting on the cell level facilitates the absorption of nutrients by the roots and the exchange of gases through stomata. This is a vital constituent of chlorophyll speeding up photosynthesis. The Organic substances in Jeevan acts as a valuable tool to neutralize the negatives associated with overuse of chemicals and pesticides. It alleviates the toxity of pesticides residues and prevents soil from contamination of heavy metalic ions as well as other harmful matters. Regular application of Jeevan increases plant tolerance to drought.

Benefits of Jeevan

  • Acts as a organic chelating agent.
  • Enhanced micro nutrient uptake.
  • Increased availability of trace elements.