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Product Overiew

Natural Flower Booster formulated concentrated essential nutrient supplement made from natural sources that strengthens plant leaves and boosts flowering. It is a natural flower booster. Flower Valley represents an essential tool to create a disease suppressive soil when applied to soil and stress resistant to plants and should be an integral part of every good nutrition program. Plants uptake of silicon is often greater than nitrogen and potassium in tissues. Flower valley’s Bio silicon improves plant tolerance against both abiotic and biotic stresses.

Functions of Flower Valley

  • Flower valley improves the plant growth and yield especially in stress conditions.
  • Flower Valley fed plants maintains higher leaf water potential.
  • Flower Valley regulates enzymatic activity of the plant and thereby increases the yield.
  • Flower Valley application will result is filler flower and higher levels of sugar in fruits.
  • Flower Valley activates plant’s immune system.