Productivity is the essence of biological approach. Our Active Carbon Technology (ACT) is as a bio catalyst and acts as an operating system for soils and plants. AHT combines the power of finest, richest and purest source of carbon rich raw materials, knowledge process, and application technology to manufacture the most cost efficient advanced biologically activated Carbon delivery system available today. Through this technology active Carbon substances are extracted from carbon rich humate source. These unique Carbon substances are biologically (microbial activity, Nutrient delivery), chemically (Unlocks tied up nutrients and high CEC capacity) and physically (Improved soil structure, humus formation) made active and their beneficial characteristics are immediately available for reactions in soils and plants. Active Carbon Technology supports the sustainable initiatives in agriculture which include
  • An eco system for the soil and plant.
  • Supports the environmentally responsible soil fertility restoration process.
  • Increase the crop yield and nutrition density of the produce.
  • Supports regenerative agriculture

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