We are passionate entrepreneurs keen to change farming. We are committed to manufacture eco friendly, farmer friendly, scientifically tested products for sustainable agriculture. Our commitment towards farming and quality has made us a trusted supplier of Agriculture inputs. Suma Agro India P Ltd is the first company in India to manufacture Humic acid in the form of Potassium humate. The Company has been manufacturing high quality Humates since 2013.

Our philosophy is based around sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on optimizing the physical, chemical and biological actions of soils. We believe in working with nature to promote a balance and synergy between soil and plants. Humates are now recognized as the single most productive input in Agriculture. Our state of art manufacturing plant is located near Chennai with installed capacity of 1.2 million liters a year.

Our Core Concepts

  • Agriculture is based on nature.
  • Soil is the foundation of sustainable agriculture.
  • Healthy Soil creates Healthy Plants.
  • Healthy Plants resists pests and diseases.
  • Optimum nutrition supports plants immunity.
  • Microbes can feed the future.

Our Investors

ankur capital

Ankur Capital Advisors is a venture capital firm specializing in impact investments in seed, incubation, startup, and early stages. The firm invests in agri-business, healthcare and education sectors. It prefers to invest in for-profit businesses that impact low income communities in India. It prefers to become a strategic sounding board in its portfolio companies. Ankur Capital Advisors was founded in 2012 and is based in Mumbai, India. (www.ankurcapital.com)

Installed Capacity
Acres impacted
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Sustainable Practices through Innovation

Suma Agro is committed to the concept of Sustainability. Our strategy has been geared towards beliefs of sustainability and Innovation. Innovation means bringing new ideas, creating innovative concepts and bringing to life what was once only a thought. It’s making room for change and openness in order to move forward. In short, it means standing out! . Innovation has resulted in products, processes and methods that are unique and distinctive. We also ensure that the processes in making our products are sustainable and environmentally responsible. We aim to reconcile the legitimate economic and social interests of our customers, partners and employees whilst safeguarding our natural resources for future generations.


Less inputs


Healthy Food, Less Hunger


Mitigate climate change

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