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active Carbon
Our Active Carbon Technology (ACT) is as a catalyst that acts as operating system for soils and plants. ACT combines the power of raw materials, knowledge process, and application technology to manufacture the most cost efficient advanced Carbon delivery system in the market today. Through this technology active Carbon substances are extracted from the raw rich humate source. These unique Carbon substances are biologically, chemically and physically made active and their beneficial characteristics are immediately available for reactions in soils and plants. Active Carbon Technology (ACT) supports the sustainable initiatives in agriculture which include
  • An eco system for the soil and plant.
  • Supports the environmentally responsible soil fertility restoration process.
  • Increase the crop yield and nutrition density of the produce.
  • Supports regenerative agriculture.


100 % Water Soluble

Certified Organic Input

Our Products


Flower Valley is a specially formulated concentrated essential nutrient supplement made from natural sources that strengthens plant and boosts flowering.



Jeevan is a concentrated bio stimulant formulated for use in foliar and soil application.

About Us

We are passionate entrepreneurs keen to change farming. We are committed to manufacture eco friendly, farmer friendly, scientifically tested products for sustainable agriculture. Our commitment towards farming and quality has made us a trusted supplier of Agriculture inputs.

Suma Agro India P Ltd is the first company in India to manufacture Carbon acid in the form of Potassium humate. The Company has been manufacturing high quality Humates since 2013.

Our philosophy is based around sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on optimizing the physical, chemical and biological actions of soils. We believe in working with nature to promote a balance and synergy between soil and plants. Humates are now recognized as the single most productive input in Agriculture. Our state of art manufacturing plant is located near Chennai with installed capacity of 1.2 million liters a year.

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Our Success Story

Throughout our human history, our relationship with soil has affected our ability to do farming. Either, it influenced prosperity or destroyed civilisations. This relationship affirms soil as the foundation for agriculture and for our farmer's prosperity. Our modern practices have led to a decline in soil carbon to 0.3 to 0.4% when it should ideally be 1 to 1.5% .This is not sustainable.As the demand for food increases, keeping our soils healthy is of paramount importance. We at Suma Agro bring back soil fertility and help farmers to produce more food and keep the soil healthy for generations to come. Enhancing sustainable food production through improved soil health should involve every player in agriculture to support products that can rejuvenate soil heath organically.

ACT combines the power of raw materials, knowledge process and application to manufacture the most cost effective advanced biologically active Carbon delivery system available today. Through this approach, we are able to extract organic carbon from natural source in India. Organic carbon inputs are now recognised as the single most productive input in Agriculture. Our product reduce the need for fertilisers, buffers the pH of soil, increases nutrient uptake and builds a eco system for farmers, soils and plants and supports sustainable initiatives in agriculture which includes environmentally responsible soil fertility process thus making agriculture sustainable.
An ISO 9000 : 2015 certified
Certified Organic Inputs