The birthright of all living things is health. This law is true for soil, plant, animal and man: the health of these four is one connected chain. Any weakness or defect in the health of the earlier link is passed on to the next succeeding link, until it reaches the last, namely the Humans. - Sir Albert Howard 1945.

The science of Agriculture is based on nature. Along with air to breath and water to drink,soil is one of our most important natural resources. Soil isn't just important because it is the source of our food, it also plays a vital role in regulating the climate, providing clean drinking water and supporting plant and animal biodiversity. But over exploitation of vegetation and soil resources, together with inappropriate farming systems has resulted in land degradation, soil erosion, nutrient depletion and accelerated soil acidification, salinisation and desertification. Today our farmers face new questions everyday as farming becomes more difficult.

Farmers thought most of the soil related problems can be dealt with external inputs. They only react after seeing a problem.

If the soil is nutrient deficient      - Apply fertilizers
If the soil is compacted                  - Use implements
If the soil does not store water     - Irrigate
If there is a pest attack                   - Apply pesticide

All the above problems are not unrelated. It is interrelated.

These are symptoms of a deeper underlying problem called SOIL FERTILITY. Soil plays vital role in the earth eco system. Without soil fertility, management of sustainable agriculture is impossible. The significant role of soil in food production is widely recognized, but the contribution of soil to food security and nutrition density  are relatively less considered. Feeding a ever growing population is a major challenge.  With our Active Humic Technology (AHT) humates, Now it’s time for a new revolution in Agriculture – A Brown Revolution to rejuvenate our soil and feed our generations to come and to make Agriculture truly sustainable.
















Our Active Humic Technology (AHT) is as a catalyst that acts as operating system for soils and plants. It is the most efficient advanced humic delivery system in the market today. Through this technology active humic substances are extracted from the raw rich humate source.


We are a professionally managed company dedicated to offer quality, result oriented,natural products. Our commitment towards quality has made us a trusted Manufacturer and supplier in Agriculture inputs.

Suma Agro India P Ltd is the first company to manufacture Humic acid in the form of Potassium humate in India. The Company has been manufacturing high quality Humates since 2011.

Our philosophy is based around sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on optimizing the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils. We believe in working with nature to promote balance and synergy between soil and plants. Humates are now recognized as the single most productive input in Agriculture. Our state of art manufacturing plant is located near Chennai with installed capacity of 1.2 million liters a year.